Secrets, Lies, and Dreams Paperback

Secrets, Lies, and Dreams Paperback

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How this story progresses is too long for this venue.  But if your the type of reader who believes it's not so much what happens to us as humans, rather how we react to it that determines success in life, then you'll enjoy the depth of this story.  Read with great vigor!

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    My younger school years were spent attending a parochial school.  The only class I looked forward to was the Old Testament Bible history.  That's where the action was!  there were always wars where God's people were defending themselves against warring people with names like Philistines or Canaanites.  I loved the action and the fact that the good guys always won.  This interest prepared me to write my third novel SECRETS, LIES AND DREAMS.  It's a modern day story that parallels the life of one of these Old Testament heroes named Joseph.  This story begins in the wilds of Alaska with one half brother attempting to kill another half brother by throwing him down an abandoned mine shaft.  Instead of dying, the victim finds he has retrograde amnesia, and is forced into the wilderness to begin a survival modality that soon finds him in prison.


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