Prodigal Father Paperback

Prodigal Father Paperback

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This story is set in the modern day.  It embraces the human condition in two sons who are hell bent on destroying one another.  Since our strengths as humans vary, they seldom unite us, but in this story my intention is to unite the reader with our common weaknesses in need of varying types of redemption.  For readers who hunger for an action, this love story, with deeper meaning, will fill your appetite! 

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    This story is fashoned after the parable of The Prodigal Son in the New Testament.  I recieved a few raised eyebrows among church people who took offense at the title associated with the father.  They wrongly joined the term PRODIGAL with something inherently evil.  It's a Greek word meaning "lavishly wasteful".  As anyone familiar with this story remembers, the son was lavishly wasteful with his inheritance, but the father was also lavishly wasteful with an unconditional love for two sons who didn't deserve it. I remain unapologetic for the title.


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