Hope From Heaven

Hope From Heaven


It’s been said the memory of things past is much like a worm that doesn’t die. Whether it continues to grow by gnawing away at our hearts are metamorphoses into a brilliant butterfly depends on how successful we are in overcoming our resentments. This is a story of such a happening. 


Peggy and Julia are twins. Their father is in prison and their mother has been absent much of their day today development. As a result the girls have developed a clairvoyant relationship in nurturing the other. Their success is apparent as they enter adulthood as well balanced young women. Without warning this prudence is unexpectedly confronted with the murder and a near death experience and the challenge to forgive.


Although this story attaches to every human emotion in so many different ways, it, nonetheless, ask the question whether humankind is that a shift towards a greater consciousness of love-energy.


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