Gone to Pot Paperback

Gone to Pot Paperback

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To say this period of American culture is anything less than pivotal is an understatement.  The effect this era's fall-out has had on values, morality, and politics have become no less than worldwide. 

Enjoy the read!   -Karl

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    Is my latest story for you?  It is a daring view into the underbelly of the sixties and seventies. For all of you who survived these tumultuous times, this account will serve as a recollection. This story is also for all of you who weren't there and may wonder if you could have survived. In either case, this story is a revealing adventure.  The characters in this story come alive in telling ways - their altruistic ideals, their efforts, their misguided expectations, their successes and failures are distinctive in crazy ways and hit a nerve in all of us.