Age of Shame Paperback

Age of Shame Paperback

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An excellent WWII epic story told from several different view points including both the German and Jewish perspective.

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    One of my earliest memories is having a box in our kitchen with food stuffs we were sending to my German father's family in the Baltic region which at that time was part of Germany during WWII. On my mother's side we have a Jewish connection.  As a result of these experiences I decided to celebrate this diversity in a story.  Most of the Holocaust stories coming from this era are dark.  Rather than portray another of these, I wish to portray light in a dark time.  This story takes place in Eastern Europe during WWII involving a young Jewish girl and a young German boy.  She is suffering retributions on the German side of the Polish border because of her ethnicity, and ultimately finds herself in the Warsaw Ghetto waiting for her extermination. The young German boy finds himself suffering a similiar fate on the Russian side of the border having been enslaved in a labor camp.  Their lives finally cross in an underground resistance movement.  Both are suspicious of the other because of their opposing ethnicities, but they soon come to a realization that neither of their traditions had ever allowed them to examine. That they are neither Jew nor German only two young people who only want life.  Able to set their prejudices aside, they conjoin in an unseemly relationship and make their way through this labyrinth of insanity.


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