Adventures of Railcar Rogues - A Murder Mystery!

Adventures of Railcar Rogues - A Murder Mystery!

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Hang onto your hats adventure lovers!  This tale offers the very cream of
chicanery served just for you.  For all the clever murder mysteries you’ve read, this will be a stand out.  The captivating characters, and the ominous avenues this story travels proves to be a story within a story all pulling you head long into intrigue leading to an ending that is totally unexpected and unique!

Enjoy the read!   -Karl

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    From Award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker Anthony Hornus:
    “This latest offering by Karl Manke - circa 1955 - is part 'O, Brother Where Art Thou?' and 'Stand By Me,' crafted around a multiple-murder mystery spanning several states, yet seemingly unrelated, in the vein of Ted Bundy and 'The Deliberate Stranger.' With its colorful characters - from Whitey, Dace, Cowboy and Sid, to Vaughn, 'Handsome Harry,' Doc and Grace – 'The Adventures of Railcar Rogues' is an engrossing tale, an evolving study if you will, of a band of mostly young vagabonds on a 'road trip' of discovery that turns into a journey of survival. The characters will draw the reader into their transient, societal underbelly of existence. And when the shenanigans and misdemeanors turn deadly, there is no putting the book down.”